Contact & Pricing Information

Pricing for gigs is decided on a "per event" basis. Considerations include: the number of bands, the duration of the gig, distance traveled, the level of P.A. necessary, how many engineers will be required, etc. Charitable and non-profit organizations receive special consideration. As do bands. But even our private event and corporate event pricing tends to be more reasonable than our competitors. Please feel free to call and discuss your next event.

Pricing for multi-track recording in the project facility is only $35 dollars per hour, but moderate discounts are available for large blocks of time. There is a four hour minimum appointment necessary.

We handle sound for weddings, private parties, public gatherings… pretty much anything you can imagine where things have to get louder.

Madtech Sound can be reached at (802) 223-6996.

Email the Madtech at:

Madtech Sound Middlesex, VT 05602 (802) 223-6996 xxxxxxxxxx"If It Sounds Good, It Is Good " Duke Ellington